A Few Avoidable Mortgage Mistakes

It is obvious the assistance of one of the best mortgage lenders in Bay Area and the best real estate agent in Bay Area are a great help in the process of your home buying but still there are a few mortgage mistakes that you need to avoid or be careful of.
Here are a few avoidable mortgage mistakes:


  • You should not buy anything for your new house. For example – a new appliance or a furniture for your new home. Making large purchases can easily result in you not able to buy your new dream home.
  • Do not forget or stop paying your bills. The mortgage lenders in Bay Area always see the credit-worthiness before approving a loan.
  • You should not bounce a check. Bouncing checks have an impact on your credit-worthiness and do not foster confidence in the mortgage lenders.
  • Do not purchase a new car or do business to a bigger lease even if you are getting an attractive deal. It can negatively affect your debit-to-income ratios.

Many more questions will strike your mind on whether any of your actions might affect your mortgage approval process or not. You should take professional help before it is too late. Cynthia Trinh, one of the best real estate agents in Bay Area helps those who are confused while taking actions that may affect their mortgage approval process. You can also contact her for suggestions and advice.

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