First-Time Homebuyer Programs

Buying a house for the first time can give you cold feet but the benefits of being a first time buyer make it all worthwhile.You will be owning a home that meets your needs and lifestyle, build credit, gain tax benefits, save money from monthly rent and more.5 Star Lending offers an array of expert services and specializes in first-time home buyer programs. Our experts will guide you through the entire programs covering every aspect of it.

You can get exclusive information and details of first-time homebuyer programs at 5 Star Lending.

Lowest rates

Now you can choose your dream home without wasting your precious time every month. 5 Star Lending brings you the most competitive loan programs at best prices for first-time buyers. Take advice from our team of mortgage experts while deciding the best home financing option. Select the most suited mortgage as per your requirements and payment schedule. Our lowest rate guaranteed program will reassure you the best pricing you could get for any available conforming loans.

Fixed rate mortgages

The fixed rate mortgage comes with fixed rate of interest. The interest rate will remain same throughout the loan period for the borrower. Our30 Year fixed rate mortgage turns out to be the most popular among first-time home buyers. Try our free quotes to know how loan impacts your financial health.

Adjustable rate mortgages

It is the mortgage rate that is based on the pre-selected index. It is adjusted periodically. The benefit of opting for ARM is it makes the expensive house affordable as initial interest rate and payments will be lower in the first few years.

VA loans

A long-term loan that can be only be used by individuals qualified by military service or other entitlements. It is a long-term loan with low or no down payment. It is provided by Department of Veterans Affairs.

FHA loans

A FHA loan is low-interest loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration. It is open to all qualified homeowners. Although the loan amount limits for FHA loan, they are usually sufficient to cover most moderately priced homes anywhere in the country.

Free Quotes and Rate Tracks

Try our Free Quotes and Rate Tracks. It will help you determine the amount you can spend on the mortgage each month as per your current income and expenditure. 5 Star Lending with its proven track records, serves you with the most competitive rates and low fees and better information of first time home buyer programs in the entire loan market.

Apply Online

Our online application provides you with a fast and secure way to obtain loans anytime you need it. We process loan applications around-the-clock. We close most loans in about a month.

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