Investment Properties

A lot of people think that property is a good investment, and yes it is. There are two ways to seek property, one as an owner and the other,as an investor. Before investing into a property, it is crucial to work with a mortgage lender to help in gaining knowledge about real estate and investment properties in San Jose. 5 Star Lending has well-experienced and educated mortgage specialists to entertain inquiries related to investment property in San Jose. Each specialist comprehends goals and suggests accordingly.

How an investment property can reap you excellent rewards?

There is more than one benefit of owning an investment property. We can provide you with every bit of information on how to make most of it. There are personal benefits like you will get a good rental for your property, tax benefit, and investment property loan benefits. Take a look at the top benefits here.

Rent it out

You might have done this investment for long term, but renting it out gets you extra money which can help you in repaying your investment property loan. In general investment property near colleges, downtown areas, tourist places are most likely to get good rental income; however, San Jose area and nearby surroundings properties are mostly in high demand since there is an inventory shortage.


Never lay all your eggs in one basket. It is true for investment as well. An investment into real estate is the most advantageous and rewarding. It can help you in dealing with other expenses if you make it as a source of income.

Tax Benefit

One of the major reason of investing into investment property is the tax benefit. Save your tax by getting deductions for tenant paid expense, travel expenses, property management fees, depreciation expense, mortgage interest, and property taxes.

Extra Cash

Investment property at a prime location with modern facilities and amenities will be a good source to gain extra cash. This can offset extra expenses thus making it fruitful and profitable.

5Star Lending is known for providing the most competitive mortgage rates for different time periods which starts from 10 years. We also deal with Adjustable Mortgage rate, Jumbo Mortgage, and much more.

5 Star Lending also deal in Distressed Properties in San Jose

Distressed and dilapidated homes are one untapped market that is captured by 5 Star Lending. We can provide you with the financing to purchase the property and for further improvements. Such home financing packages are packed with a mortgage, construction loan based on the estimated value of your investment house.

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