Vacation Home

Get splendid vacation home at the most exotic locations to live the life of your dreams. Let the sun rise in your balcony and set in at your backyard. Feel the serendipity of such beautiful locations by investing in a vacation home in the Bay Area.

A vacation home can give a better and healthy life with added financial advantages like it can reduce the real estate taxes, property taxes and mortgage interest.

You can get easy and hassle-free investment loans for financing your vacation home. 5 Star Lending is one- stop solution for all your property and investment needs.

Here are few points that you must ponder upon before you make your move:

Space Survey

When your vacation mode is on, you want your entire family to be with you and spend a wonderful time. To have everyone by your side and make them happy, you need a spacious vacation home with modern amenities.

Trip Time

The location and the distance of your vacation house matters a lot. Determining how many time you will visit in a year will help you judge whether it is a wise decision or not.


Demographics play a vital role in selecting the right property for a vacation home in the Bay Area. You will be asking for neighbors’ assistance a lot of times. Are they supportive? Do you face language barriers in understanding their regional language?

5 Star Lending takes care of all such major concerns to make your investment worthwhile. We are a leading company in real estate that aims to enhance the standards thus providing a stunning place with every upgrade and amenities.

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Technology at its best

We offer competitive mortgage prices and fees by using new age technology that provides us most crisp and clear numbers to help our clients with.

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