Jumbo Loans

Are you looking for a good loan option for buying a high-priced home?  We, licensed mortgage experts at 5Star Lending can be your best help. We will help you finance your new home or refinance your current loan with our line of Jumbo and Super Jumbo loans.

We have lots to offer when it comes to Jumbo mortgage loans in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in Bay Area, and entire California. Our unrestricted access to a variety of programs, our competitive rates, and our rapid turnaround times give us an edge in the industry.

Buying a home with a Jumbo mortgage

With Jumbo mortgage loans in high priced area in California, you have greater flexibility in buying a home. With 5Star Lending’s Jumbo mortgage loans, you are not restricted by loan limits and achieve the best loan for your financial goals.  Along with competitive rates, we offer:

  • Down payments of just 15% which lets you own your dream home
  • Ratios up to 50 percent– You can acquire a higher debt to income ration
  • Non-occupying co-borrowers allowed – A home financing option that allows a friend or family member, who will not be occupying the home, to co-sign on the loan. This can be a good option if you cannot provide verifiable income or have less than perfect credit.
  • Flexible terms – We have several flexible loan terms based on your goals and qualifications.

Refinancing a Jumbo Mortgage for a Better Rate

You can look for refinancing your home loan for many reasons. Whatever the reason, 5Star Lending can help you decide which loan refinance package is ideal for your needs.  The ideal time to consider refinancing your Jumbo mortgage loan in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in Bay Area and entire California is when rates are low.

Additional benefits of 5Star Lending’s Jumbo Loan Refinance packages

  • No private mortgage insurance (PMI) required – We do not require PMI on most types of mortgages.
  • Cash-Out Refinancing – Our jumbo loan packages allow you to cash-out up to 75% LTV (Loan-to-value) on your mortgage.

Contact 5Star Lending if you are looking for best Jumbo mortgage loan in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in Bay Area and entire California. Our loan packages come with flexible terms to ensure you’ll have a smooth and straightforward home financing experience.