Refinancing your home offers you many benefits. It reduces monthly mortgage payment which increases your savings. The lower interest rate enables you to pay less mortgage amount. It helps you in tapping the equity in your home for a special purpose. At 5Star Lending, we will help you set clear objectives by choosing the best option for refinance mortgage in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in the Bay Area, and the entire California. Our licensed mortgage experts bring you the best of San Jose mortgage rates in the industry.

Financial stability is enhanced when you pay less interest on your home mortgage. It is indeed the major expense for you as a homeowner. 5Star Lending provides the most comprehensive solution of refinance mortgage.

Loan Optimization

Optimize your current loan by using refinancing. Use this opportunity to choose from adjustable or fixed rate or you can simply select any lower rate for the mortgage.

Boost your long term net worth

You can save a lot of money by paying less interest at lower rates. You can use the cash to buy a retirement home, buy an investment home, save on your child’s college fund or any other important things.

Enhanced short-term cash flow

Home mortgage refinances will lower your monthly payment burden. You will have more cash in hand to spend extra money anywhere else.

Make purchases with less interest

Instead of using the credit card, you can use home equity to make purchases at low-interest rates. This can also be used to finance pricey purchases at lower rates.

Reduce Tax Tension
Your interest on a home mortgage is generally tax deductible. A tax professional will provide you with more details about its benefits.

Consolidate credit card debt
Save a good portion of cash in long run with refinancing. Utilize home equity for paying off your credit card debt at high interest. The interest on credit cards is not tax deductible. Make most out of refinancing by using home equity as cash to pay bills every month. 5Star Lending would serve you with every aspect of utilizing home refinancing. Talk to our experts to explore the potential tax advantages.

Points to consider while considering refinance mortgage in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in the Bay Area or anywhere in California

  • How will it affect your financial status? Compare different San jose mortgage rates and try our online quotes, and apply online to figure how much refinancing might help your budget.
  • How long will you be staying in the home? If you plan on selling or moving in the near future, refinancing with a low interest could be the best choice.

5Star Lending is the mortgage broker you can trust for your needs of refinance mortgage in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in the Bay Area and the entire California. Call us today to discuss more.

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