Commercial Loans

5Star Capital is your source for affordable commercial loans in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in Bay Area, and in California. We understand the complexity of commercial lending and what each lender is searching in regards to property type, condition and cash flow. We also understand how overwhelming it can be for you to purchase or refinance commercial loans. Our mortgage advisors can help you with the best loans to fit your needs and budget.

Here we provide you a few tips to make your purchasing or refinancing commercial loans easy and quick.

Fluidity – The main difference between a traditional and a commercial loan is the fluidity of the situation. Each commercial loan is different because the commercial properties vary so widely. As such, our mortgage advisors take time to make the commercial loan recipient learn their situation and loan requirements.

Down Payment–While other types of loans have static down payment amount, the down payment amount for commercial loans is calculated by the property type and the amount of loan. At 5Star Capital, we thoroughly investigate everything from the very beginning in order to give the best deals on commercial loans in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, in Bay Area, and in California.

Financial background – The financial background of an individual plays a major role in determining whether an individual will fulfill the requirement of the loan or not.  As your trusted mortgage partner, we will review a multitude of factors and work with you to craft a loan proposal tailored to fit your unique situation.

5Star Capital simplifies the process of obtaining a commercial property loan. Whether you need to refinance existing commercial loans in San Jose or obtain a new loan, we will help you structure a loan that meets your needs. With us, you will enjoy competitive rates and flexible terms. Our commercial real estate lenders combine their in-depth knowledge and experience with a variety of flexible financing solutions. We aim to provide you with comprehensive services tailored to your individual routine operational needs as well as your longer-term strategic goals.

Whether this is your first time applying for a commercial loan in California or you have experience, we’re here for you every step of the way through the entire lending process.

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