How To Get a Mortgage

Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking for a second home, it is a crucial decision of your life. No matter what the reason is, the home buying process starts with securing financing for your purchase. Partnering with 5Star Capital can help you understand the types of mortgages you can choose from, to pick the right home financing option.

Examine Your Finances

No matter you are looking for first time mortgage or investment property loan, it is important to choose a loan that fits within your current financial means. We at 5Star Capital are mortgage specialists that can help find a mortgage that fits your needs and budget.  It is important to carefully analyze your income and expenses to determine what you will be able to afford. You can use our mortgage affordability calculator to calculate your ideal payments to fit your budget.

5Start Capital helps you choose the best home mortgage loan

5Start Capital can assist you in choosing the best home mortgage loan options. We deal in different types of mortgage loans including

Fixed rate mortgages: This type of loan option offers reliability and stability over the entire term of the loan.  The interest rate remains the same. So this option is best for those who want to plan their monthly expenses. Fixed rate mortgages are perfect for both first time and seasoned home buyers. You can use our fixed rate mortgage calculator to have an idea of what your loan may look like.

Adjustable rate mortgages: Adjustable rate mortgages feature an interest loan that is adjusted periodically based on the pre-selected index.  These loans are best for those who want to afford a more expensive home because the interest rate and payments will be lower in the first few years.

FHA mortgages: FHA mortgage loans are low-interest loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration. It is open to all qualified home buyers and is perfect for those who can afford a mortgage with a small down payment.

VA loan programs: VA loan programs are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is a long- term low or no down payment loan restricted to individuals qualified by military service or other entitlements.

5Start Capital is the best guide for those who want to know how to get a mortgage in the best possible manner.

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